Farazpooyan Damavand Group is operating based on its twenty years of experience in the fields of industry and construction and benefiting from up-to-date knowledge of management, research and development and relying on the expertise of engineers and experts.
Benefiting from the latest technical knowledge in various specialized fields and using new machinery and technology, the success of this industrial and construction group in attracting participation and cooperation with individuals, legal entities, municipalities of different regions, various organizations and government agencies and Non-governmental in spite of.
Damavand Group’s specialized view of various fields of industry caused the formation of specialized companies in this group.
Mahan companies of Damavand Design, Faraddabir Damavand, Gostaresh Zob, Kia Machine Damavand and Ati Foolad Damavand, each, alone due to the use of modern science and localization of technology have been able to participate in the vendor list of large companies and mothers in Achieve great success in various fields.
This has caused Faraz Pouyan Damavand Group to become one of the major industrial and construction groups.

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Our vision

The introduced startup, which belongs to Damavand Holding, currently has a turnover of up to 80 billion Tomans per month, which with the passage of time the goal is to reach 200 billion Tomans per month by the end of 1401. Damavand Holding has two opposite goals in two areas of construction and metal industry in a period of 12 years until the end of 1411:

our goals

1. Establishment of a construction holding with a focus on mass production and the use of unprecedented retrofitting methods in this industry with the aim of producing ten thousand residential units annually.
2. Expanding activities in other provinces of our beloved homeland and competing while participating in Middle Eastern markets

1. Production of quality equipment and machinery required in steel mills
2. Mass production of special machines such as engines, boxing clips, etc.
3. Recognized as a technology and executor of steel industry projects in the Middle East

Our honors

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