Construction industry

Mahan Tarh Damavand specializes in the field of construction industry from design to execution and using new scientific methods in this industry while lightening, securing and new designs and applying the latest knowledge in the field of construction and execution in a variety of methods Traditional and industrial has been able to present itself in a short period of time as a powerful mass production in the country and with partnership projects with various municipalities and the implementation of mass production projects for large organizations and in large volumes has made significant progress.

Crane industry

Faradbir Damavand was inaugurated in 2003 based on the 15-year experience of its managers with the aim of designing, manufacturing and providing after-sales services for overhead cranes and gates. With the efforts of managers and employees, Faraz Pouyan Damavand has always had a growing trend during the past years and today it has become the largest manufacturer of various types of overhead cranes and gates in terms of production circulation, workshop space and manpower in Iran. Faraz Pouyan Damavand Company has designed, manufactured and installed over a thousand heavy and super heavy cranes since its establishment and is currently able to design, manufacture and install 15 types of cranes per month.

Steel Structures Industries

Expansion of Damavand smelting in 1396 on a land area of 4,600 square meters began its activities in the field of construction of light and heavy steel structures and sheds.

This complex with the ability to produce a variety of heavy and semi-heavy structures of steel mills, in a short time was able to localize all the equipment needed by reputable companies such as Khuzestan Steel, Zobahan and Mobarakeh Isfahan Steel to take an effective step in industrial self-sufficiency and with careful planning in The field of construction and installation is proud to provide its services to the industry community in the highest quality in accordance with modern standards.

Currently, Gostaresh Zob Company, as a subset of Damavand Holding, with its experienced engineering and production team (more than 110 people) and benefiting from existing facilities and equipment, has the ability to produce 1,200 tons of structures and 600 tons of equipment per month.

Gostaresh Zob Isfahan Company with the slogan “Our Thought, Customer Orientation” always strives to improve and improve the quality of products. It is hoped that with the help of the right and tireless efforts of managers and staff, it will reach the highest peaks of success.

Steel Equipment Industries

Localization and production of various industrial parts and reverse engineering in various fields is another service that is provided to esteemed industrialists in Damavand Holding.

Kia Machine Damavand, in order to comprehensively meet the industrial needs of the country in the production of industrial parts, after gaining experience in engineering and execution, has upgraded its engineering organization by using and attracting experienced and experienced personnel. For this purpose, by attracting specialized personnel and equipping executive machines, in the field of production and localization of mechanical parts, and in order to increase national production, it is ready to serve esteemed employers and increase sustainable employment.

The company has technical departments of engineering, production, including mechanical, electrical and quality control halls with an area of ​​2000 square meters.

steel Industries

Working in the field of steel as one of the parent industries in the world must be smart. Timely supply of sheets, profiles, rebars and hardware for the construction and operation of each of the companies under Damavand has a vital role.
The board of directors of Damavand Group cleverly assigned this task to an expert group with the definition of Damavand Steel Future Company, in order to reduce the production cost and help the country’s industry in the field of cheap and timely production.

Mining Industry

Damavand Steel Development Group aims to complete the steel cycle and supply raw materials for steel industries and factories Damavand Group, by discovering mines and extraction from them and performing iron ore conversion processes and processing of consumables. Most companies active in this field. They operate in a part of the steel cycle and generally do not have a product, but the goal of Damavand Group is to complete the steel cycle and process the consumable product. Among the mines of this group, we can mention Dehuk Tabas mine, whose products are hematite iron ore and magnetite iron ore.

Damavand subsidiaries

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